Lauren MacKenzie


Lauren is an undergraduate student at Purdue University pursuing a double major in Professional Writing and Creative Writing along with a double minor in Law and Global Studies. Her career interest in advertisement brought her to Dearing Group, where she brings experience in copywriting, editing, brand communications, and content marketing.

Originally from the greater Boston area, Lauren is a big fan of New England sports (a quality that has not helped her make friends here in the Midwest) and has an entire second vocabulary courtesy of her Massachusetts roots (what’s with all the rotaries in Indiana, anyways? And why do Midwesterners call them roundabouts?). As an avid writer and meticulous creative, Lauren is passionate about brand-focused work and thoroughly enjoys contributing to the development of a brand’s direction.


Outside of the office, Lauren can be found in Purdue’s Writing Lab creating content for the Purdue OWL or at the Purdue Honors College, where she mentors first-year students.

Quick Q&As with Lauren:

List 3 words that describe you.

Creative, resourceful, and determined.


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy working out (for the most part), binge watching reality TV (specifically Survivor and Big Brother), writing (obviously), and online shopping (way too much).


What is your most embarrassing moment?

Being late to my first day at DG because my car battery died. Oops.


What gadget could you not live without?

My GPS—to say I’m directionally challenged is the understatement of the century.

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