While studying public relations and marketing at the University of Dayton, Kelsey refined her time-management, writing and creative problem-solving skills. These abilities aided her in the development and implementation of an effective public relations awareness campaign for a nonprofit organization and benefitted her work in various marketing departments. Following these successes, Kelsey returned to her hometown of West Lafayette to pursue a career in her field of study.

At Dearing Group, TV and radio scripts, print projects and digital ads often find their start inside Kelsey’s mind. What begin as ideas unfold into beautifully crafted stories told among Word documents, which are sent along to be incorporated into the big picture. Kelsey believes that the cornerstone of a great business is transparent communication, a skill she also incorporates into her personal relationships.

Quick Q&As with Kelsey:

What is your personal mantra?

Throughout my entire life, my mom has always stressed the importance of kindness. She’d say, “As long as a person is kind, everything else will fall into place.” I’ve always carried that with me.

When are you the happiest?

I find that my happiness is most closely associated with my freedom. Times where I feel the most free, whether that be driving aimlessly through unmarked roads in Ireland, listening to songs that transport me out of my own head or throwing pottery on a wheel for no reason other than “because I want to”—those are times where I’m also the happiest.

People would be surprised if they knew:

I have triplet brothers! And as if that weren’t enough stress for my poor parents, the first few ultrasounds showed that I was also a triplet. (Though my two wombmates didn’t survive the first term of the pregnancy.) I also taught an urban/hip hop dance class in college. Bet you didn’t expect that from a little lady from Indiana.

What is your favorite brand/commercial?

I love Glossier’s simple approach to cosmetics, skincare and design as a whole. Their overall branding from their Instagram photography down to smallest details of their packaging is so cohesive and effective yet minimalistic. And don’t even get me started on their clear lip gloss.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

16 snoozes and LOTS of will power