Kati Leslie

Public Relations Specialist

Getting information to the people who need it is at the heart of what Kati does for agency clients. Her nose for news and attention to detail make her an ideal public relations resource. “Eye on the prize” and “operationally informed” have been tenets of Kati’s work behind the scenes in managing the communication efforts surrounding West Lafayette’s recent CSO project as well as the State Street Redevelopment joint venture between West Lafayette and Purdue University.


Combining great skill, high energy, studious attention to detail, strong and careful attention to ethics and responsibilities, Kati possesses a wide range of capabilities. With a plethora of experience in all things marketing, communications and writing, news releases are second nature and press kits are a walk in the park.


A journalism graduate of Indiana State University, Kati lives in Mulberry with her husband, Dustin, two daughters, Nellie and Hattie, and their Golden Retriever, Lady.

Quick Q&As with Kati:

Who is someone you admire, and why?
My husband, Dustin. He was a sergeant in the Marine Corps and completed two combat tours in Iraq. He signed up for the Marines the following spring after 9/11. I’m in awe of him and the many men and women who selflessly serve in the military.

What are you happiest doing?
Checking off boxes on my to-do lists!

People would be surprised if they knew:
I can make a kazoo noise with my tongue. And, I became obsessed with sloths after watching Zootopia!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done?
During college, I had the privilege of interviewing Eva Mozes Kor multiple times. She is a Holocaust survivor and the owner of the CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, which was destroyed by arson in 2003 during my time at Indiana State. She rebuilt the museum in 2005, and I’m continually inspired by her tenacity for life and her message of forgiveness.

Who’s your favorite musical artist?
I’m still “Hangin’ Tough” with the New Kids on the Block.

(765) 423-5470

1330 Win Hentschel Blvd.
Suite 130
West Lafayette, IN

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